2022 So Above, So Below

Happy New Year! 2022 is poised to bring us into a deeper alignment with our higher, spiritual selves and into a greater balance with all aspects of our life. With the year adding up to the number six, we can interpret this as the three chakras above the heart and three chakras below which represent heaven and earth or the spiritual plane and the earthly plane. The spiritual plane represents our soul-self, our intuitive, creative, connected Higher Self, the big infinite You spanning across all lifetimes and an aggregate of your soul experiences. The earthly plane represents the here and the now; our human experience in the physical world and all that we need to survive within it.

The phrase, So Above, So Below is a marrying of the two worlds. It is bringing the heavenly plane down to the earthly plane while the earthly plane rises to meet the higher heavens.

So what does this mean for 2022? 2022 holds the potential energy for us to further merge our spiritual selves with our earthly selves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to learn, to grow and to experience the physical world. We are meant to enrich our soul journey and wisdom by having these earthly experiences.

This year will provide us with the opportunity to be fully conscious beings, aware and attuned to our spiritual nature in every aspect of our life. Instead of relying on meditation or yoga or prayer or other practices to connect to our higher selves, we will be constantly integrating and merging with our soul selves with each trip to the grocery store, each interaction with friends and family, each meal we eat, each breath we take. We will not need to work as hard to reach the higher planes because they will be coming down to meet us while we as a collective will be rising to it.

There will no longer be a separation of between our human and spiritual selves. The two will be merged into one.

With this integration we will find greater balance in all aspects of our life. We will have a marrying of the masculine and the feminine within each of us: the analytical, practical, logical with the creative, intuitive and nurturing aspects of our being. We will have greater work/life balance. We will have a clearer perspective on our life, our soul’s purpose and our journey in this lifetime. We will be able to view our human experience through the lens of an enlightened soul being, free from fear and the dramas of the 3D world. We are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Awakening and the Age of Wisdom. We will be open to having a deeper soul awareness which will free us from being as affected by the trials and tribulations of the human experience. Our human struggles will have less of an impact on our overall well-being because we will be able to view them from a greater or higher spiritual perspective.

So practically speaking, what does this mean?

2022 will provide you with an opportunity to be a walking, talking spiritual being having a human experience. Instead of being reactionary to a situation, feel into it, use your senses and see what lessons, if any, there are for you to learn and grow from. If something doesn’t feel right to you or steals your joy or your peace then walk away. Show yourself the greatest level compassion by removing self-judgment and surrounding yourself with those that love and appreciate you for who you really are.

Use every opportunity to connect with your soul-self. Remove the idea that there is a separation between your human and your spiritual self. Ask yourself how the enlightened You would respond, react, engage with a situation.

The biggest challenge I foresee with 2022 is inertia: our need to go back to old patterns, old habits, old ways of doing things and a rigidity with which we view the world. We will need to force ourselves out of the old perspectives and look at the world with a fresh set of eyes. Become aware of any patterns, habits, relationships, etc. that are keeping you in a state of fear or lack or frustration. Ask yourself, can I eliminate those patterns, habits, relationships from my experience? If not, is there a way you can view them from the perspective of an observer vs. an active participant? Or better yet, what can you learn about yourself as to why you get triggered by these patterns and relationships? What deeper lessons and opportunities for healing can you unravel?

As we ring in the New Year let’s embrace our whole selves: our human and our spirit, together as one. Let’s take advantage of the energy that 2022 will provide and find greater balance in all aspects of our life.

Sending you much love, light and blessings for an incredible 2022!