2021 The Year of Change

As we gleefully say goodbye to 2020 with hands waving in the air (and maybe a select finger or two) and the metaphorical boot kicking the year to the curb, let’s take a look at what is in store for 2021. In numerology, the year 2021 adds up to the number five which denotes change, and big change at that. Compared to 2020, change would be a good thing.

In the year 2020, the numerological number four signifies balance; right/left brain balance, masculine/female balance, work/home balance, human/spirit balance, earth/sky balance. 2020 has held up a mirror and said, “OK, now take a good hard look. What’s working for you, what’s not? What is out of balance?” Many of my clients this year struggled with finding their new normal while trying to maintain a certain level of balance. The work-from-home while managing remote learning with kids has been a hair puller. The restrictions on movement of going to the store, meeting with friends and family has been heartbreaking and frustrating. I’m sure you have your own fill-in-the-blank issues with 2020, we all do. But beyond the disruption to the normal daily routine, what we really gained in 2020 is a sense of clarity. “Hey, you know, I don’t want a commute anymore” or, “I really don’t think this is a healthy relationship”, or even, “I really need to change careers”. Sound familiar? Now with the clarity of 2020, the new year of 2021 pushes us towards taking action on our new found wisdom.

If we think of 2020 as the year of us trying to find a new balance amidst the theme of restriction, think of 2021 as the year of taking action and making solid changes towards the life that we want to live.

2021 is pushing us towards freedom, a release from the confines and the restrictions we have put upon ourselves or others have put upon us. Is there an art project you’ve been putting off or a class you’ve been meaning to take? Have you been meaning to dust off that resume and see what other opportunities are out there? Is there someone special in your life that you want to move out of the friend-zone with? Well, my friends, now is your time! 2021 is gearing up for big energy, big change. 2021 signifies us moving into the 5th dimension (there’s that number five again!) as part of our ascension process which leads us to greater spiritual awareness and understanding. In 2021, look for bursts of inspiration and energy to complete your desired goals. Seize those opportunities, don’t put things off or make excuses. Now is the time to not just realize, but to actualize the life that you want to live. So take the reigns my friend and as Jean Luc Picard would say, “Make it so”. Make it so.


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