Thoughts on Covid-19

As we move into the fifth month of facing the coronavirus I wanted to share some thoughts and insights into what I have learned, sensed and witnessed with regards to the pandemic.

  1. Energetic Restriction: It’s not lost on me that the coronavirus originated in China at a time when the country was facing turmoil over the restrictive policies put in place in Hong Kong. Protests were at their peak last winter and China’s need to restrict the freedom of speech and the right to assembly of its citizens was not lost on the rest of the world. Now take a second and think about the symptoms of the coronavirus: restriction of the lungs and chest. And what does a restriction in the lungs and chest equate to? …The inability to speak your truth and express what’s in your heart. I believe the virus was allowed to originate and flourish in this environment because it was an energetic match or resonance to what was going on socially and politically.
  2. Major Exit-Point: Souls are choosing to use this time to exit from their human experience. For those who have been following my previous blogs, I have been talking about the ascension process for a few years. The ascension process is a time of spiritual evolution where we’re moving from a lower to a higher frequency or plane of existence. The earth itself is going through this same transformation. Souls who have decided not to progress or not to be a part of this ascension are choosing this time to leave the planet. Those that will be out of alignment or in energetic dissonance with the new higher frequency energy will no longer be compatible with the earth’s energy.
  3. No More Dark Places to Hide: It is also not that surprising that we had an awakening to the injustices taking place with the Black Lives Matter movement. There are no more dark places for low energy to hide. As we move into the higher frequencies, all of the lower energy actions, feelings and behaviors need to be exposed and eliminated for the spiritual evolution to take place. As we become more light we can no longer find shadows to hide in. More and more injustices and inequalities will be brought to light making real significant and substantial changes happen.
  4. Human Problems require Human Solutions: My spirit team and others who channel have all been saying the same thing: you guys got yourselves into this mess, you have to get yourselves out. There won’t be any miraculous hail mary passes from the Almighty or from angels to save our butts this time. We created an environment which allowed this virus to flourish, so it’s up to us to eliminate it. There are really, easy things to do to stop the spread: stay at home, wear a mask and wash your hands. The fact that these simple solutions are being politicized and divisive is a sign of the old world, the lower frequency, trying to maintain their control. It’s a last ditch effort for power, but it’s failing. If you read between the lines you can see cracks emerge in the veneer of the old world masking behind politics.

Take Heart – We Can and We Will Get Through This

  1. Remove Restrictions: Remember, like attracts like and the coronavirus is all about restriction. If you find areas in your life where you are feeling restricted in any way; job, family, relationships, health, then you are in an energetic match to the virus and thus more prone to contracting the illness. Take this time to be reflective and evaluate any and all areas where you feel you don’t have a voice or you’re not being heard or you aren’t allowed to be your true divine self. What steps can you take to remove those restrictions? Are their letters you can write to heal old wounds? Do you need to rethink certain relationships and create healthy boundaries? Do you need to rethink your job or career due to a toxic, restrictive work environment? Now is the time to make those necessary changes in your life. See this time as an opportunity to create the life, relationships and health that you want for yourself. Plan ahead with a positive outlook and be excited for the future and what’s in store.
  2. Self-Care is #1 Priority: Know your limits. When you start to feel anxious, overwhelmed or fearful, stop what you’re doing, take stock and do something that brings you joy. Many of my clients over the last several months have been suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks. Similar to the coronavirus, panic attacks restrict the airways causing a tightness in the chest and lungs. Reiki sessions have helped to remove the collective energy and their own anxiety from their energetic system. Having them remove restrictions in their life from #1 above has also helped. Listen to your bodies and feel your emotions. Don’t judge yourself or deny your emotions. They’re there for a reason. If you are waking up anxious, go outdoors and allow the sun to hit your face and place your bare feet in the ground. Take a bath, play with a child or pet, watch a funny movie, avoid the news and stay positive. If you are feeling pressured to interact with family and friends who do not take the same precautions you do, I hereby give you permission to tell them, “sorry, I won’t be hanging out with you until this is all over.” This is all about your individual needs and comfort level. Don’t bend to peer pressure.
  3. Don’t Just Survive, Thrive! Find those moments where you feel empowered, whole and connected. I have been loving Zoom which has allowed me to keep in touch with my friends and family. I feel like I’ve been more social during the shelter in place then before! I have been reconnecting with friends from out of state and have been taking more classes online as new opportunities continue to present themselves. My husband and I have made significant long-term, positive changes to our business and I have been utilizing this time to teach more of what I’ve learned and have been inspired to develop new programs and even a new book which I recently started writing. I’m getting more sleep, meditating more, enjoying my time with my husband, my cats, our home and taking long walks. I would encourage you to find areas in your life where you can thrive and take advantage of this slower pace – if you have the luxury to do so.

I hope you have found this useful. Below are two videos with further thoughts plus meditations to help remove the energetic restrictions in your life.

Take care. Be well. Thrive.


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