Congratulations! You’re an Empath! Now what??

Congratulations! So you were just told you’re an empath, a sensitive or clairsentient. Wahoo! Now, what the heck does that mean?

We are all born with psychic gifts. Some of us see things more clearly often called ‘clairvoyance’, some of us just know things without knowing exactly how we know them, ‘claircognizance’ and some of us hear things whether audibly or in our mind’s ear, ‘clairaudio’. And some of us feel things around us, this is clairsentience or being an empath.

I wrote about this in an earlier blog, Getting Out From Under the World, and thought I’d add some additional updates, tips and information that might aid in the newly discovered empath.

First, here’s how you know you’re an empath:

  1. You feel energy and emotions around you. You could walk into a building or room and know that you have to walk right back out. You might not know why, you just know that something ‘doesn’t feel right’.
  2. You change moods on a dime. You could be fine one minute, then super angry, sad or anxious the next with no rational explanation. That’s usually because you are absorbing the energy in the space or the people that you’re around. Notice who you’ve been interacting with that day and see if you start to mimic their emotions.
  3. You feel drained. Uncharacteristically tired. Like all you want to do is shut out the world and curl up in bed. Almost as if the world is just ‘too much’ right now.
  4. You’ve been told, ‘you’re too sensitive‘ your entire life. From being overly emotional at commercials to not being tough enough when stuff gets real. You’ve heard it time and time again and usually not in a positive light.
  5. Tummy troubles. When you’re an empath you also absorb the energy from the food and drinks that you ingest. That’s why most empaths avoid things like meat, dairy and other foods that carry lower energy. If you’re unsure of what’s making your tummy rumble, visit a naturopath and ask to have a food sensitivity test done.
  6. Crowds give you the willies. Do you avoid crowds like the plague? Concerts, movie theaters, shows, plays, etc. can leave you feeling out of sorts as you are constantly absorbing the energy of the masses around you.
  7. You’re drawn to the healing arts. Are you a healer, massage therapist, hair stylist, medical professional or feel drawn towards helping others in some capacity? Most empaths feel compelled to help others given their gigantic hearts. They’re also the shoulders that get cried on the most.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the club! You may not experience all of the above but if you have experienced half or more than chances are, you’re an empath!

OK, so now what?

Well, you have a few options. First option: you can crawl up in a ball and never leave your house. If that doesn’t sound appealing then I would recommend the secondary option which revolves around regular protection and clearing practices as well as beefing up your light source and stepping into your empowered self.

Protection rituals are important when you’re an empath as they create shields or barriers so that you’re not constantly absorbing the energy that surrounds you. Clearing on a regular basis ensures that you don’t get ‘too filled up’ with other people’s junk.

  • White light bubble. As you wake up in the morning, before you put your first foot on the ground imagine a beautiful white bubble completely surrounding you. This white bubble can take on different colors if you wish and different shapes. I like to think of it like I’m in a little egg. Nothing can penetrate it’s layers but love and light. State this intention when you wake up; “I now surround myself with a white light of protection. Nothing but light and love may penetrate it. It will surround me throughout my day today”. If you can’t visualize that’s fine, just intend for it to be there and it will be!
  • MichaelArchangel Michael. Get to know this dude. He’s awesome. He’s here to help guide and protect us but he won’t intervene unless we ask for his help. So anytime you’re in those uncomfortable circumstances where you feel not-so-fun energy, call on Archangel Michael to be by your side to shield and protect you. It can be as simple as saying to yourself “Archangel Michael, please protect and shield me right now”. Easy peasy.
  • Sage smoke. Yep, it’s burning sage. Yep, it’s New Agey. Yep, it works! Get a white or regular sage smudge stick at a health food store or a New Age shop and burn it carefully in your work and home. I typically have something underneath it to catch the ash. Remember, most buildings have sprinklers so don’t overdo it with the smoke! Hold your arms out and sage yourself, top to bottom, bottom to top, under your arms, under your feet, you name it. Wash it all away with sage. Set the intention of clearing away the energy that is no longer needed and replacing it with light and love. And the jury is still out on sage sprays. I’m not sure they’re as effective as the smoke itself. You can try both and see which one you’d prefer.
  • Sea salt baths. There’s just something about sea salt that removes other people’s energy from your own. It’s a great tool, easy and relaxing. I would recommend you do this weekly, 1/2 cup to a full cup.
  • Black Tourmaline crystal. Get a nice chunky piece of this guy and place him in your pocket. It absorbs negative energy around you so that you don’t! Don’t forget to cleanse it before your first use with sage or moonlight or you can bury it in the dirt over night. Do this at least every month as they get full too!
  • Give yourself a dry bath. As empaths, your hands act like sponges. You absorb and dry_bathpull in energy through your palms and over time that can travel up your arms and sit up on your shoulders and neck. Sound familiar? Sometimes shoulder/neck pain isn’t just from typing on the computer all day! This technique is taught in traditional Reiki classes. It can be used by anyone at any time, especially after shaking someone’s hand or being in contact with folks who may be a drain on your energy. Take your right hand and sweep down your left arm starting at your left shoulder then sweeping down to your left fingertips. You can blow out air once you hit your left fingertips as a way of blowing out the energy that you’ve collected. Do the same with your other arm, left arm to clear the right arm starting from the shoulder and sweeping down the right arm to the fingertips with a breath. Have the intention of clearing out energy that is not yours while doing the motion.
  • Cord cutting is something that is a bit more advanced. You can try it on yourself but you may need a healing practitioner to aid you with this. We can have cords attached to us from people, places, events, traumas and dramas in our life. Sometimes the cords can be healthy, positive bonds, sometimes, not so much. For the unhealthy ones (don’t worry if you aren’t sure which is which, we can never cut cords of love) we can ask Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut them, we can also try cutting them ourselves. Take your right hand and move from the top left shoulder diagonally through your body to your right hip. Do the same with the opposite hand, move diagonally from the shoulder to the opposite hip. Have the intention of cutting any cord(s) that no longer serve your highest good. The reason why you might need help with his is to 1) help you understand why the cord formed in the first place 2) how to prevent it from re-attaching.
  • Grounding is key. Are you familiar with grounding electrical wires? When there’s a ‘hot’ circuit you need to ground it for the current to flow properly. Guess what, we are wired in a similar way, like an electrical current! Sometimes we get too ‘hot’ and need to ground our energy down into the earth. This is especially key for those that get lost in the clouds and can’t determine which is their energy vs. someone else’s. It’s a good practice to do on a weekly basis if not daily. I’ve created a guided meditation video to help with this.

And finally, once you become a bit more aware, stable and in control, it’s time to learn about the ‘gift’ part of your gift. In this Message for Empaths video you’ll learn how to express the love that you have outwardly vs. being a sponge for everything around you. You were not meant to be the world’s punching bag, you were meant to shine your beautiful big heart out into the world.

I hope this helps! I’ll be teaching Empath Classes soon if you’d like to learn more and practice in a group setting. Check out my website for details.

As always, I send you light, love and many blessings!



2 thoughts on “Congratulations! You’re an Empath! Now what??

  1. This was timed so perfectly. I am truly blessed an great full for you Francie. You have helped me along my way of spiritual healing an growth.


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