Taking Back Your Power

Deep breaths. Just take one with me, slowly breathe in then out. Letting your shoulders drop and your mind focus on nothing but your breathing. There, a little better? I hope so! Studies have shown that if you take deep breaths your body is forced to relax so take a few deep breaths each hour and consciously let go of any tension you’re holding onto.

And there’s a LOT of tension and strain happening in our world right now. The news is getting more and more upsetting with mass shootings, natural disasters, scandalous behaviors, the threat of war and troubling politics. On the surface this can be overwhelming. What’s really happening on a deeper level is that these lower, fear-based energies are no longer compatible with the higher frequency of love and are getting exposed. Lights are shining on them, making people aware of their own fears and deep rooted issues. And why is that?  Because it’s finally time to release! No longer are we to be ruled by fear, those days are over. No longer is there negativity hiding in the shadows because there are no more dark spaces left to hide.

Going through the Birth Canal

We are moving collectively (albeit painfully and traumatically), towards a new level of self-awareness both as individuals and as a global society. We’re going through a birthing process of sorts and we’re in the height of labor which amounts to a lot of pain and fear but with an outlook of excitement, hope and love. That’s what we need to focus on, getting past the birthing canal and into our mother’s arms feeling safe, loved and utterly at peace.

Taking back your Power

Fear brings with it a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. We feel dis-empowered to be able to fix things or make things better. This is a falsehood. Fear is only allowed to take root if you let it. Fear is important for our flight or fight response but it should not rule our lives and keep us feeling ‘less than’, afraid or victimized.

Do not allow fear to take hold for it is fleeting but spreads like a virus. Instead, when you find something that disturbs or troubles you, take positive action towards it. Lean into your fear, understand it. What makes you feel uneasy about the situation? Is there anything you can do right now to bring yourself peace and take back your power? Here’s some helpful tips I’ve used and shared with my clients on how to squelch fear:

  • Turn off altogether or limit the news you intake (quick 5 min. bites for the day to stay informed then turn it off!).
  • Remove the negative ninnies from your life. This can come from family, friends, Facebook, co-workers, roommates, etc. If anything or anyone makes you feel fearful or negative or ‘less-than’ then it’s probably time to distance yourself from it/them.
  • Find what brings you peace and keep that like a tool you keep in your front pocket for emergencies. This can be deep breathing like we did at the beginning of this article, being out in nature, saying a prayer, doing Reiki, yoga or other meditative exercises, taking a walk, talking with a friend, holding a baby, petting your cat. Whatever it is, have that as your go to when you feel fear creeping in. Try to find something that you can access and do immediately at any time of day or night. And if you can’t physically do something that brings you peace then mentally think about that activity and go through the motions in your mind, it will have the same effect.
  • Take positive action towards something that you truly believe will make the world a better place. If you have a need to support an organization, give of your time and/or money. If you are a Reiki practitioner, write all the things that you want to see in the world such as peace, love and understanding onto a piece of paper, turn on your Reiki hands and sit with the paper in between your hands. You can do this while watching TV, it doesn’t take much effort! You can send out a prayer, a quick text/Facebook or Twitter post or a mental image of something that you’d like to see happen in the world. Whatever you feel compelled to do, first check whether or not this action will bring you peace and if it is coming from a place of love. If it’s coming from a place of fear, then leave it for now until you can find a way to approach it from a heart-centered space.
  • Find what gives you strength whether it’s something that you’ve already accomplished in your past or something that you pride yourself with in the present. We’ve all been through difficult times and look, we’re still here! What doesn’t break us makes us stronger, right? Well only if we choose to. We can choose to be victims of our circumstances or we can choose to rise above them and allow that experience to make us stronger and shore up our inner power. Being victimized is not a choice, but remaining a victim is.

The long and the short of it is this: what’s happening in the world right now is part of a process that will help us evolve and grow from a place of fear to a place of love. New laws will be enacted, justice will be served, politicians will be held accountable, Mother Earth will be protected, peace and level heads will prevail, animals will be respected and protected as we become more aware of our connection to each other and with Mother Earth.

Sending you Reiki love and blessings!