Reiki at the Polls

This week is a perfect opportunity to utilize your Reiki skills as you head off to vote this Tuesday. Remember, Reiki isn’t just about healing, it provides clarity, peace and understanding. So here are some quick tips to help you get through the week:

Before you go to the polls:

  • Reiki II practitioners, use the distance symbol to send to the polling location ahead of time. Add the mental/emotional symbol and set the intention that you will have a clear head and that you will vote in a way to further encourage the light of the world to shine.
  • Reiki I practitioners, you can set the same intentions and turn your Reiki hands on asking that Reiki be released to you when you get to the polls.
  • Everyone should use their visualization skills to envision who they’d like to see win and how they’d like to see the country evolve. Remember, if you feel like it’s already happening, i.e., your candidate being sworn in, then the Law of Attraction will bring that experience to you!

At the polls:

  • Envision a white light bubble completely surrounding you, and ask that it protect, shield and guide you during the process.
  • Ground your energy. Make sure you are connected to this earthly plain so you can help make sound earthly decisions. Imagine you have tree roots coming out the bottoms of your feet, securely anchoring you to the earth.
  • Reiki II practitioners, use the power symbol and the mental/emotional symbol over your ballot and your ballot booth. Not only will it help with your voting, but it will leave the booth you’re in filled with the same, powerful Reiki energy!

After the polls:

  • Picture a beautiful white light completely encompassing the United States. You can even print out a picture of the country or a something that symbolizes the United States and send Reiki to it using all three Reiki symbols and the Master symbols if you are attuned to them. I like to print out pictures, draw all my Reiki symbols on the image, turn on my Reiki hands than sit with the picture in between my hands.
  • If you have a crystal grid, add the United States and whatever outcome you desire into it and charge it with Reiki to give it an extra boost.

This is a very powerful and important time in our history. I pray that Reiki guides us and that we may all be filled with light, love and peace.

Many Blessings to you!