Do online Reiki Attunements Work?



I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve had after being asked about receiving Reiki attunements online. A bit of background, there is a growing number of Reiki schools that have 100% online courses, including the attunement process where you receive the gift of Reiki. Traditionally this is given in person so I’ve been asked my opinion of this quite a bit lately. While I have not experienced the online attunements personally, I have heard that they work from a number of people I trust. The attunement process is a sacred process that happens between a Reiki Master and a Reiki student. The Master has the intention of passing along the gift of Reiki to the student and the student has the intention of receiving. The act itself is secondary to this. So by that theory, if the intention is there I think it is possible to receive the attunement online. Now, the tricky part. Attunements in and of themselves without the context of a class structure and a teacher to answer questions and provide a supportive environment are a dis-service to Reiki. I can not tell you how many students have taken my classes after they received an attunement only and didn’t know a thing about what Reiki was or how to use it. This I find to be inexcusable. When we are given the gift of Reiki and become Reiki Masters we become stewards of this beautiful, powerful gift. We do a great dis-service to Reiki by not sharing it’s history, it’s many facets and the techniques that have been proven successful time and time again.

So whether it’s in person or online, use your judgement and intuition. After taking a Reiki I class you should know 1) What Reiki is well enough to explain it to others 2) How to give a Reiki treatment to yourself and others 3) Where Reiki came from, it’s history and it’s legacy and 4) How it is different from other healing modalities. And you should be able to connect with a Reiki Master Teacher to continue to receive support and mentor-ship long after the class period is over. I hope this helps, please share with others if you agree. Blessings to you all!

Getting out from under the world

I encounter many clients who are energy sensitives and don’t know it. Energy sensitives or clairsentients or empaths are folks that can absorb the energy around them. They are overly sensitive to crowds, loud noises, potent smells and caffeine – just to name a few. There’s a great website that outlines the many traits of a clairsentient.

Many clairsentients become overwhelmed by the world around them. They unknowingly act as sponges for energy, especially negative energy and often feel a literal weight on their shoulders as they carry around energy that’s not theirs. Because they are so sensitive to their environments their natural state is to ‘swallow’ negative energy so that it’s less volatile. This makes them feel heavy, depressed, sick, tired and they often suffer from mood swings as they pick up and carry others’ emotions.

When they come to my office I can immediately see that they are carrying energy that doesn’t belong to them. They physically feel strain and pressure on their head, neck and shoulders. Like the world is weighing down on them. They are often quiet, timid and feel victimized by the negative people and environments that surround them. What they don’t realize is that they have an incredible power to control and change their environments by using this same gift.

Clairsentients have brilliant, intense energy at their core. If they focus on the bright light within, specifically located at their solar plexus chakra or their belly button area, they can expand that light out to beyond their bodies and into the environment around them. So instead of holding the environments within they can take their inner light, visualize it expanding out and with practice can completely clear entire rooms, buildings and beyond.

This is a dynamic shift that I’ve seen with many of my clients where they turn from victim to hero and see their gift as a way to clear away negativity vs. absorbing it. They no longer shy away from harsh environments but welcome them as an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Additional tools to aid the clairsentient: black tourmaline crystals to be worn on the body, sage smoke, Archangel Michael and sea salt baths.