What I learned from Covid

I recently had a bout of Covid. Luckily it was a minor case, but it still gave me pause and shed some light into areas where I was out of balance. For the past several months, I’ve been working at a break-neck pace. I recently had a book come out and the lead up to the launch date coupled with the press that followed, had me working double-time while still maintaining my client sessions and contract work on the side.

I had been feeling out of whack for some time. I struggled to lower my heart rate and found it challenging to focus on fewer than three things at once. My meditation practice consisted of me sitting, agitated, thinking about all the things I should be doing instead of trying, unsuccessfully, to sit in stillness. My diet had also gotten off track. I was eating later than I should and snacking on sweets throughout the day. I had skipped my yoga practice and was still exercising, but more out of obligation and routine, than from a mindset of health.

I am sharing my story because despite all the tools I have learned: Reiki, meditation, connection with loved ones, angels, yoga, writing, etc., I still fell off the spiritual wagon.

Why is it that when we are stressed, our spiritual practice is the first thing that flies out the window? That’s when we need it the most! I have a tendency to put my spiritual tools into a pristine box, high up on a shelf, where I only grant myself access when I’m in the purest of thoughts, and in the most enlightened state. I saw my spiritual practice as a luxury, something that I can get to when I have the time and space to devote to it. How wrong I was.

Being spiritually minded means that you can incorporate your spiritual self, your higher self, into every aspect of your life, no matter how big or how small. It isn’t something that is separate from you, something foreign that takes oodles of practice to attain and maintain. In the stillness of my illness (ha! that rhymed!), I was able to see that my spiritual self was there, nudging me along the whole time.

When I take time to drink my tea and focus on nothing else but the steam coming off the top, the smell of lemon as it hit my olfactory senses, the taste as it enveloped my tongue and the warmth as it slid down my throat, I find peace. When I stretch and allow my creaky body to detangle, I feel more at ease. When I watch TV, I take deep breaths, turn on my Reiki hands and allow the energy to flow freely. When I take walks in nature, I allow my eyes to experience the beauty around me and to hear the soothing birdsong that echoes between the trees. Even in these small gestures we can become aware of our greater spirit. It doesn’t take an hour of meditation, it takes a dedication to quiet reflection and a focus on the here and the now.

So my self-reminders (thank you Covid!):

1. Slow down. Life isn’t a race to the finish. Enjoy each day, each minute as a blessing.
2. Live in the present. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, live life in each moment. Don’t take them for granted.
3. Listen to your body. It’s constantly giving you clues if it’s unwell or out of balance. Don’t ignore the signs.
4. Love thyself. This golden rule means that we need to let go of self-judgment, we can’t love ourselves and berate ourselves at the same time.
5. Your spiritual self is not a separate part of the self. It’s not something that you have to attain or maintain, it’s your natural state of being. The You with a capital ‘Y’ that permeates into every thought, action and gesture you make. We just need to quiet ourselves enough to listen.

I hope this helps as a gentle reminder that none of us are perfect, “we’re not meant to be perfect, we’re meant to be whole” – Jane Fonda.


2022 So Above, So Below

Happy New Year! 2022 is poised to bring us into a deeper alignment with our higher, spiritual selves and into a greater balance with all aspects of our life. With the year adding up to the number six, we can interpret this as the three chakras above the heart and three chakras below which represent heaven and earth or the spiritual plane and the earthly plane. The spiritual plane represents our soul-self, our intuitive, creative, connected Higher Self, the big infinite You spanning across all lifetimes and an aggregate of your soul experiences. The earthly plane represents the here and the now; our human experience in the physical world and all that we need to survive within it.

The phrase, So Above, So Below is a marrying of the two worlds. It is bringing the heavenly plane down to the earthly plane while the earthly plane rises to meet the higher heavens.

So what does this mean for 2022? 2022 holds the potential energy for us to further merge our spiritual selves with our earthly selves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to learn, to grow and to experience the physical world. We are meant to enrich our soul journey and wisdom by having these earthly experiences.

This year will provide us with the opportunity to be fully conscious beings, aware and attuned to our spiritual nature in every aspect of our life. Instead of relying on meditation or yoga or prayer or other practices to connect to our higher selves, we will be constantly integrating and merging with our soul selves with each trip to the grocery store, each interaction with friends and family, each meal we eat, each breath we take. We will not need to work as hard to reach the higher planes because they will be coming down to meet us while we as a collective will be rising to it.

There will no longer be a separation of between our human and spiritual selves. The two will be merged into one.

With this integration we will find greater balance in all aspects of our life. We will have a marrying of the masculine and the feminine within each of us: the analytical, practical, logical with the creative, intuitive and nurturing aspects of our being. We will have greater work/life balance. We will have a clearer perspective on our life, our soul’s purpose and our journey in this lifetime. We will be able to view our human experience through the lens of an enlightened soul being, free from fear and the dramas of the 3D world. We are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Awakening and the Age of Wisdom. We will be open to having a deeper soul awareness which will free us from being as affected by the trials and tribulations of the human experience. Our human struggles will have less of an impact on our overall well-being because we will be able to view them from a greater or higher spiritual perspective.

So practically speaking, what does this mean?

2022 will provide you with an opportunity to be a walking, talking spiritual being having a human experience. Instead of being reactionary to a situation, feel into it, use your senses and see what lessons, if any, there are for you to learn and grow from. If something doesn’t feel right to you or steals your joy or your peace then walk away. Show yourself the greatest level compassion by removing self-judgment and surrounding yourself with those that love and appreciate you for who you really are.

Use every opportunity to connect with your soul-self. Remove the idea that there is a separation between your human and your spiritual self. Ask yourself how the enlightened You would respond, react, engage with a situation.

The biggest challenge I foresee with 2022 is inertia: our need to go back to old patterns, old habits, old ways of doing things and a rigidity with which we view the world. We will need to force ourselves out of the old perspectives and look at the world with a fresh set of eyes. Become aware of any patterns, habits, relationships, etc. that are keeping you in a state of fear or lack or frustration. Ask yourself, can I eliminate those patterns, habits, relationships from my experience? If not, is there a way you can view them from the perspective of an observer vs. an active participant? Or better yet, what can you learn about yourself as to why you get triggered by these patterns and relationships? What deeper lessons and opportunities for healing can you unravel?

As we ring in the New Year let’s embrace our whole selves: our human and our spirit, together as one. Let’s take advantage of the energy that 2022 will provide and find greater balance in all aspects of our life.

Sending you much love, light and blessings for an incredible 2022!


2021 The Year of Change

As we gleefully say goodbye to 2020 with hands waving in the air (and maybe a select finger or two) and the metaphorical boot kicking the year to the curb, let’s take a look at what is in store for 2021. In numerology, the year 2021 adds up to the number five which denotes change, and big change at that. Compared to 2020, change would be a good thing.

In the year 2020, the numerological number four signifies balance; right/left brain balance, masculine/female balance, work/home balance, human/spirit balance, earth/sky balance. 2020 has held up a mirror and said, “OK, now take a good hard look. What’s working for you, what’s not? What is out of balance?” Many of my clients this year struggled with finding their new normal while trying to maintain a certain level of balance. The work-from-home while managing remote learning with kids has been a hair puller. The restrictions on movement of going to the store, meeting with friends and family has been heartbreaking and frustrating. I’m sure you have your own fill-in-the-blank issues with 2020, we all do. But beyond the disruption to the normal daily routine, what we really gained in 2020 is a sense of clarity. “Hey, you know, I don’t want a commute anymore” or, “I really don’t think this is a healthy relationship”, or even, “I really need to change careers”. Sound familiar? Now with the clarity of 2020, the new year of 2021 pushes us towards taking action on our new found wisdom.

If we think of 2020 as the year of us trying to find a new balance amidst the theme of restriction, think of 2021 as the year of taking action and making solid changes towards the life that we want to live.

2021 is pushing us towards freedom, a release from the confines and the restrictions we have put upon ourselves or others have put upon us. Is there an art project you’ve been putting off or a class you’ve been meaning to take? Have you been meaning to dust off that resume and see what other opportunities are out there? Is there someone special in your life that you want to move out of the friend-zone with? Well, my friends, now is your time! 2021 is gearing up for big energy, big change. 2021 signifies us moving into the 5th dimension (there’s that number five again!) as part of our ascension process which leads us to greater spiritual awareness and understanding. In 2021, look for bursts of inspiration and energy to complete your desired goals. Seize those opportunities, don’t put things off or make excuses. Now is the time to not just realize, but to actualize the life that you want to live. So take the reigns my friend and as Jean Luc Picard would say, “Make it so”. Make it so.

The Law of Resonance

I often get asked by my clients and students, “Why doesn’t Law of Attraction work for me? I’ve watched the Secret, I’ve read the books by Esther Hicks, I have my vision board, why am I still unable to manifest what I want?

Sound familiar?

Let me see if I can try and break it down. The Law of Attraction is a great introduction to manifestation. It shows that like attracts like and the basic principle is that all you have to do is tell the universe, “Hey Universe, here’s my list of things I want, make it so!” Here’s where that theory falls short:

The Secret and Law of Attraction fail to demonstrate how energetically you need to be in the groove with what you desire.

It’s not enough to state your desires to the universe like you’re ordering lunch. No, my friends, we have to be in the energetic frequency of that which we desire in order to bring it to us.

Let’s take a second and talk about physics. (Do not roll your eyes at me! ;)) Everything in the universe has a wavelength or a frequency, EVERYTHING. Your thoughts and emotions have a specific wavelength. Your car, the color of the sky, the air you breathe, butterfly wings, rocks, stars, space, etc.; every single thing in the universe has an energetic frequency to it. The term resonance is the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object. Resonance is when sound vibrations are in sync with each other, when two or more objects are on the same wavelength.

Within the context of manifestation, the Law of Resonance, better captures the spirit of manifestation. We have to be in the same energetic frequency or wavelength of that which we desire in order to attract it to us. We have to be in an energetic resonance with what we desire. Or in other words, an energetic match.

Let’s take money for example. Many folks want to manifest financial abundance but that winning lottery ticket continues to allude them. If you want financial abundance, you first have to get underneath why you want what you desire. It’s not really the money you want, is it? For most people what they really desire is the feeling that money brings: security, safety, freedom, being free of debt, worry and fear of the future.

Next, you need to find areas in your life where you already feel secure, free, and safe. Then focus on that, a lot. You might feel secure in your relationship or in your job or in your body. Focus on that feeling of security, feel it wash over you like a wave. Feel gratitude for being secure in different aspects of your life. Rinse and repeat with safety, worry free, freedom. It can even be a memory you’ve had in the past where you once felt secure, safe and worry free. Maybe as a child you felt that sense of freedom and security; tap back into that younger self to harness that energetic feeling and bring it forward into the present.

The Law of Dissonance is equally powerful. The Law of Dissonance is the idea that if two wavelengths are in the opposite frequency they repel each other. It’s like hitting two wrong keys on a keyboard that hurt your ears. No bueno. If you are not in an energetic match you can actually push what you desire further away from you. If you desire abundance but always feel your glass is half empty then you are repelling abundance. If you desire a loving relationship but you harbor self-hatred then you’ll never attract a loving partner. You can’t be looking at your bank account with the feeling of lack and then assume abundance will just magically show up because you cut a picture of a big bag of money out of a magazine and put it on a vision board. You are out of sync or you are in dissonance with what you desire. You can’t have both: lack and abundance; fear and love; health and sickness. You have to be all in with what you desire and get into the energetic frequency of that which you are trying to manifest in order for it to come to you.

You can’t be looking at your bank account with the feeling of lack and then assume abundance will just magically show up because you cut a picture of a big bag of money out of a magazine and put it on a vision board.

Vision boards and manifestation tools are a great way to remind you to be in sync with what you desire. But too many of us miss the point. It’s not enough to just ‘place your order’, you have to do the work to get into the energetic frequency or resonance of that which you desire. You need to use that imagery and feel as if it has already manifested. Feel what it’s like to be in that new car with that new car smell. Feel as if you are already financially secure because you feel secure in your job or relationship. Feel abundance through areas where you actually are abundant: health, relationships, love for self. Or if those are hard to attain then feel abundant that you are able to utilize your eyes and your brain to read this article right now. Start small if you have to. When you feel abundance then you are in the frequency of abundance, you’re now swimming in the same river of abundance and thus more abundance comes to you.

Happy manifesting!

Trance Demonstration 08.27.20 – Transcript

Greetings! I recently sat for a trance demonstration and wanted to share the messages that came through. I also have an audio version if you’d prefer to hear the messages directly. Enjoy!

Greetings Loved Ones,
It is such a pleasure to have this opportunity to speak directly to you this evening. We are honored by your presence. We are honored by your light. We see some of your lights diminished as the world appears to go dark. Rest assured there is a bigger plan at play. This is a necessary and temporary change in order to help with the metamorphosis of the planet and all that surround it. This is a time of great strife but remember that birthing comes with strife. You are going through a birthing into a new life and that means that there is a struggle to hang onto the old and yet we are thrusting you into the new. Take heart, for this is meant to be. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth during this time. Seize this opportunity for when you do, you can advance several lifetimes in this moment. Think of it like skipping a grade in school. For with these tough challenges on the earthly plane you have the opportunity to soar to higher spiritual awareness and reaching your true divinity. We can help you with that. We can help to remind you who you are, who you’ve been and who you will be. For you are an eternal soul and we see your lights as we have seen it for many lifetimes. And we are here to encourage you. To help you to remember and to remind you that this is just one moment in an eon of lifetimes. Yet this moment is a defining moment for you, lightworkers, and for all of the human race. For it is this light that you embody. It is this light that you imbue. That is what is going to carry you forward. Here is the challenge: the challenge is to not let the external world affect your internal world. Your internal light, that is what matters. The more you maintain the vibrancy of that internal light for once you have the vibrancy of that internal light there is no external forces allowed to diminish it. And by you maintaining that light you are able to raise the vibration of the earth itself. Just one of you can change the situation around you. It doesn’t require masses and masses of lights like yourselves to make substantial change, we’re here to tell you that one is enough. One of you sending your heart out into the world, sending your love and your compassion and your dedication for this light out is enough to change it. Just one. Please do not ever think you are not enough or you will not have a great impact because you are only one. Let us remind you, we are all One. For when you tap into that internal divinity, that internal light, that internal effortless, compassionate love, what you are doing is tapping into the source of all that is. And when just one of you touches that light, you bring that light here into this plane of existence and the power of that goes around the world, with just one of you. Imagine the world when hundreds of thousands of you do this together. Miracles will happen overnight. The planet will be healed overnight. Disease will be eradicated overnight. Suffering and pain will be obliterated, overnight.

It is so important in this time to not be small, to not feel overwhelmed and insignificant. Rather, remember how beautifully powerful you are. You are a channel for source. You are a channel for light and the love that is in all of us. And by you sending out loving thought that is enough to change the entire planet. Please do not forget that. Many of you are feeling small, lost, defeated and hopeless. Remember, this is just one moment in time, you are so much bigger than this moment in time. You are so much more powerful than this moment in time. For you are the creator, you’ve got the creator spirit within you. You can create the world the world that you want to live in. But not by your fear, by your love and by your dedication to the light and the love around you. Your compassionate action has exponential ramifications across the entire planet. Your compassion in action can be calling on us for prayer or healing, helping those in need around you, giving of your time to those in need and most importantly, giving to yourself. When you honor the love for yourself you honor the love of source for they are the same. This love has no boundaries, no limits, no judgment or fear. It is the most powerful force in the universe. Love. It is what’s holding the planets together, it is what’s causing your cells to generate, it is the force behind what you call gravity. It is the defining law of physics. What you love, you create.

We feel that some of you have questions, please you are welcome. Bring them forward.

Nothing is too big or too small, we are here to be of service to you.

We feel a question even if you are not speaking it. One of the questions is about the nature of the fires within California that you have suffered.

This is Mother Earth’s necessary cleansing. The extent of it, however is due to man’s harshness onto the environment. We’ve had protectors there around the perimeters of all the fires to help protect those fighting the fires as well those who are affected by it. We tried to mitigate the destruction as much as we could from our end. And as you’ll notice there are very few deaths as a result of the wildfires despite the vastness that they consumed. And also, be assured that the wildlife was also spared. We were able to transport them into a safer place while Mother Nature cleansed her grounds. The smoke on the other hand is something different. The smoke that erupted as part of the fires was more than just things burning. The smoke had a purification component to it. The smoke allowed the whole area to be bathed in a clearing of sorts. It forced everyone into their homes to allow for this cleansing to take place. It was not meant to be breathed, it was only meant to be a clearing. And as you saw as soon as the smoke came it retreated quickly for not much was needed. There was a purification that needed to take place in the surrounding areas. And that purification raised the vibration of all those inhabitants in the area. This will become important in the future months for things that are yet to come.

You have other questions for us.

Question: How do we handle the days after the election with others who’s politics differ from us?

Thank you for your question. The humankind. We are fascinated by this concept of politics. It is so trivial and yet has such devastating impact into your day to day lives. We do not mean to make light of it, it is just so foreign to us that it’s difficult for us to comprehend. Let us reassure you, no matter which way the elections go, light is on your side. We have seen the path, we have seen your past and can reassure you that the light that you have been embodying despite the dark last half of the decade that light will carry you forward. You are not here to convince others how to think, how to be or how to feel. All you can do is be the shining example of what it means to walk in the divine. Those that do not agree with you, love them more. Those that argue with you, listen to them openly. Those that feel pain for not winning the election, shoulder their tears. For again, this is just a moment in time. This is also a reflection of who you are and who you want to be. So aspire to greatness and then that greatness will be reflected throughout your society. We see a turning point. The work is still in your hands. It is still your responsibility, your world, your society, we cannot intervene. But we do see the pattern. The pattern that has been of dark, of power, of predominant masculinity and we know that now the shift to the feminine to the love, to the creative to the nurturing has already begun. Whom you call Trump does not fit with the new order of things. He is out of resonance with the feminine. And the feminine is back into power now. We hope this brings you some comfort. But still, love without judgment and give compassion freely. We hope this answers your question.

Any other questions?

Ah yes, there are questions about children during this time. For those of you parents, those of you mothers that are worried about their children during this time, rest assured, they were born into this period into this time to help us and to help you. The children born now that are in their teens, and down to 7, to 8, 9 to 10 years of age, they are the light beings here to help with the transition of the earth. Their souls have signed up for this. They are a lot more wise then you give them credit for. See how they’ve adjusted. How quickly they were able to shelter in place, how quickly they were able to learn online. And of course there are going to be ups and downs and bumps in the road and they’re not going to sit still and they’re not going to listen. But look at them as a whole. Your children have adjusted far better than the adults. They are the example to follow. Ask them how they do it. Do not worry for them, do not worry for their mental states. For them this will be a memory that will fade over time. This will not have long-lasting negative impact on the little ones, only a moment of growth. What they have and you as adults lack is that sense of play. That imagination, that escape, that balance. That is what you need to integrate into your adulthood, that sense of play. That is how your children are able to adjust. For wen they play they are allowing their imagination, their freedom and their love for life to come forward, whether it’s a puzzle, playing in the yard or singing a silly song. This is how they cope. And that is how you cope. So embrace play and let go for your worry for your children for they are doing far better than the adults are during this time.

Now we leave you with one parting thought. We hope it brings you comfort. You are the light of the world. Let your light shine. And when it does, darkness can no longer hide. Behind that light is the full force and power of love. And love is the greatest force in the universe. You have that in abundance within you. There is nothing you need to do to get anything else, everything you need is within. And all you need is love. It really is that simple. We shower you with our love and our appreciation for your soul’s journey here. For the lessons you take with you during these times carry far beyond time and space. Beyond the here and now. And beyond the earth plane. What you are doing on the earth now has ripple effects across multiple dimensions, multiple planes of existence. We honor you so much for being here and for choosing to be here during this time. Remember we are here to offer our love and support and that you’re never alone. We are your cheerleaders. We are your nurturers. We are your healers. And we are what you call angels. Blessed beings of love we thank you for this opportunity.

Thoughts on Covid-19

As we move into the fifth month of facing the coronavirus I wanted to share some thoughts and insights into what I have learned, sensed and witnessed with regards to the pandemic.

  1. Energetic Restriction: It’s not lost on me that the coronavirus originated in China at a time when the country was facing turmoil over the restrictive policies put in place in Hong Kong. Protests were at their peak last winter and China’s need to restrict the freedom of speech and the right to assembly of its citizens was not lost on the rest of the world. Now take a second and think about the symptoms of the coronavirus: restriction of the lungs and chest. And what does a restriction in the lungs and chest equate to? …The inability to speak your truth and express what’s in your heart. I believe the virus was allowed to originate and flourish in this environment because it was an energetic match or resonance to what was going on socially and politically.
  2. Major Exit-Point: Souls are choosing to use this time to exit from their human experience. For those who have been following my previous blogs, I have been talking about the ascension process for a few years. The ascension process is a time of spiritual evolution where we’re moving from a lower to a higher frequency or plane of existence. The earth itself is going through this same transformation. Souls who have decided not to progress or not to be a part of this ascension are choosing this time to leave the planet. Those that will be out of alignment or in energetic dissonance with the new higher frequency energy will no longer be compatible with the earth’s energy.
  3. No More Dark Places to Hide: It is also not that surprising that we had an awakening to the injustices taking place with the Black Lives Matter movement. There are no more dark places for low energy to hide. As we move into the higher frequencies, all of the lower energy actions, feelings and behaviors need to be exposed and eliminated for the spiritual evolution to take place. As we become more light we can no longer find shadows to hide in. More and more injustices and inequalities will be brought to light making real significant and substantial changes happen.
  4. Human Problems require Human Solutions: My spirit team and others who channel have all been saying the same thing: you guys got yourselves into this mess, you have to get yourselves out. There won’t be any miraculous hail mary passes from the Almighty or from angels to save our butts this time. We created an environment which allowed this virus to flourish, so it’s up to us to eliminate it. There are really, easy things to do to stop the spread: stay at home, wear a mask and wash your hands. The fact that these simple solutions are being politicized and divisive is a sign of the old world, the lower frequency, trying to maintain their control. It’s a last ditch effort for power, but it’s failing. If you read between the lines you can see cracks emerge in the veneer of the old world masking behind politics.

Take Heart – We Can and We Will Get Through This

  1. Remove Restrictions: Remember, like attracts like and the coronavirus is all about restriction. If you find areas in your life where you are feeling restricted in any way; job, family, relationships, health, then you are in an energetic match to the virus and thus more prone to contracting the illness. Take this time to be reflective and evaluate any and all areas where you feel you don’t have a voice or you’re not being heard or you aren’t allowed to be your true divine self. What steps can you take to remove those restrictions? Are their letters you can write to heal old wounds? Do you need to rethink certain relationships and create healthy boundaries? Do you need to rethink your job or career due to a toxic, restrictive work environment? Now is the time to make those necessary changes in your life. See this time as an opportunity to create the life, relationships and health that you want for yourself. Plan ahead with a positive outlook and be excited for the future and what’s in store.
  2. Self-Care is #1 Priority: Know your limits. When you start to feel anxious, overwhelmed or fearful, stop what you’re doing, take stock and do something that brings you joy. Many of my clients over the last several months have been suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks. Similar to the coronavirus, panic attacks restrict the airways causing a tightness in the chest and lungs. Reiki sessions have helped to remove the collective energy and their own anxiety from their energetic system. Having them remove restrictions in their life from #1 above has also helped. Listen to your bodies and feel your emotions. Don’t judge yourself or deny your emotions. They’re there for a reason. If you are waking up anxious, go outdoors and allow the sun to hit your face and place your bare feet in the ground. Take a bath, play with a child or pet, watch a funny movie, avoid the news and stay positive. If you are feeling pressured to interact with family and friends who do not take the same precautions you do, I hereby give you permission to tell them, “sorry, I won’t be hanging out with you until this is all over.” This is all about your individual needs and comfort level. Don’t bend to peer pressure.
  3. Don’t Just Survive, Thrive! Find those moments where you feel empowered, whole and connected. I have been loving Zoom which has allowed me to keep in touch with my friends and family. I feel like I’ve been more social during the shelter in place then before! I have been reconnecting with friends from out of state and have been taking more classes online as new opportunities continue to present themselves. My husband and I have made significant long-term, positive changes to our business and I have been utilizing this time to teach more of what I’ve learned and have been inspired to develop new programs and even a new book which I recently started writing. I’m getting more sleep, meditating more, enjoying my time with my husband, my cats, our home and taking long walks. I would encourage you to find areas in your life where you can thrive and take advantage of this slower pace – if you have the luxury to do so.

I hope you have found this useful. Below are two videos with further thoughts plus meditations to help remove the energetic restrictions in your life.

Take care. Be well. Thrive.

Trance Mediumship – aka My Time At Hogwarts

Yes, I went to the closest thing to Hogwarts you can imagine, the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. Located about an hour outside of London, England, this school is the real deal. It is an immersive environment where you eat, sleep and learn within a majestic English estate surrounded by breathtaking countryside. At the Arthur Findlay College you can study things like mediumship, psychic development, shamanism and all things surrounding spiritualism.


I had never heard of the Arthur Findlay College until a friend of mine introduced me to it by saying, “there’s this course I’m taking, we should go and take it together!” And before my left brain had a chance to come up with a million excuses why it wouldn’t be a practical or prudent decision, my right brain had already booked the flight and the class. So I guess I was going to England. And I am so glad I did.

The intense seven-day course we signed up for was Trance Mediumship. It’s a form of mediumship where you allow spirit to come close and speak through you. I went primarily to improve my mediumship abilities but walked away with so much more.

Trance is a spiritualist term for channeling. Channeling is a much more common term here in the States but also is a bit broader in scope than trance. For instance, you can channel Reiki, Earth energy, chi, etc. With trance you go into different states of consciousness to allow spirit to speak through you. Spirit can be passed loved ones or your spirit team (same as spirit guides but they’d prefer to be thought of as colleagues more so than guides).

Trance mediumship allows the sitter (or person being read) the opportunity to talk with their passed loved one. I witnessed and was party to full conversations being had where the passed loved one was answering questions only they would know with astonishing detail and accuracy. You can imagine the impact that would have on the sitter, truly powerful and incredibly healing.



Image by mdherren from Pixabay

Trance is like a Star Trek mind-meld where the consciousness of spirit merges with my consciousness. I’m still in control, I’m still aware of what’s going on and what’s being said. My body isn’t convulsing and my head doesn’t spin around 360 degrees.

I know what you’re thinking because it was the first thing I thought, “how do you know if it’s safe?” The thought of opening up and allowing a spirit to speak through you sounds like a form of possession. I should know, I was raised Catholic! The first day, the first meditation my spirit team came through and reassured me with a perfect metaphor, a car. First, think of your physical body like a car and your soul as the driver. As the driver of the car you are not the car. You can replace your car and still remain the same driver. It doesn’t change who you are. Your consciousness is tied to your car, but not always. Now, think about turning over the car keys to someone. You wouldn’t give the keys to just anyone. You would only let someone close to you, someone you know and trust drive your car. Your spirit team makes an agreement with you out of love and great respect. They simply borrow your car and you can move over to the passenger seat or you don’t have to even be in the car if you don’t want to. Then when they’re done, they simply give you back the keys.

The Law of Attraction also plays a big role. We worked all week to sit in trance and raise our vibration so that spirit could work with us. There’s no way anything of a lower frequency could try to inhabit our space because we were at vibrating at such a high frequency. It’s like being on the 13th floor of a building and the lower energies being stuck in the basement with no elevator and no means or desire to climb the floors.


In addition to mediumship, we also learned trance philosophy, trance art and trance healing. Trance philosophy is where your spirit team speaks through you on a number of topics and help provide clarity and answers to many of life’s big questions. This was the bit that felt more like what we think of as channeling. The words and insight that came through were so powerful, intelligent and articulate that I knew it wasn’t coming from me. I mean, I know I’m awesome, but the wisdom that they poured out was just awe-inspiring. And you could really feel the presence of something greater when we all went into trance philosophy.

In trance healing, we simply went into trance and allowed our spirit team to come through and work with the individual in front of us. As the person going into trance, all we had to do was sit in the trance state. There was no laying on of hands, no action on our part, just sitting silently. When I was the receiver of this healing, I felt a lot of powerful energy moving through my system and felt surrounded by gentle, loving and supportive beings. If I had to compare it to Reiki, I would say that trance healing felt more spiritual and less physical which meant it was less tangible. As a result, I think I was able to open up my psychic awareness more after the session. Since I’ve been back, I’ve tried combining this with Reiki and can feel my team stepping out through me and surrounding my client around the table. The first time I tried this, my client, who didn’t know about trance healing, said that she could feel presence of many of my guides around her throughout the session – she had never felt that before!

For trance art, we learned from a phenomenal teacher, Lynn Cottrell who could draw an image of someone’s loved one or their spirit guide with both hands simultaneously, with her EYES CLOSED! I have never seen anything like that in my life. She taught us how we could go into trance and draw pictures and images that would be relevant to the sitter. In one exercise, she had us channel passed artists like Rodin, Monet and Manet. There were some in the group with zero art experience that could draw a picture as if they were one of these great masters. I just don’t have words to describe seeing this first hand. If you ever get a chance to see Lynn in person, please do yourself a favor and go!

Throughout the week and through our many exercises and experiences, I learned that different members of my spirit team would step forward for healing vs. philosophy vs. mediumship. For instance, I had a spirit team for healing, a spirit team for philosophy and a spirit team to help with mediumship and art. So certain members of my team would step forward depending on what was needed at the time. Am I aware of all the members of my team? Honestly, no. But I can feel their energy, their love and support and that is enough for me.

Trance is a tool. It is a tool to help us connect more deeply with ourselves and more deeply with spirit. It can take a medium up to five years of practice in order for them to become a full channel for their spirit team. And it’s a two-way street. Spirit is learning how to work with us, just as we are learning to work with them.

I am excited to offer this new tool to those that are grieving, those that need some encouragement and reassurance in their life, those that feel lost and those that want to reconnect with their own, spirit within. I’m not sure where this journey will take me but I am enjoying the ride and trusting the process and I feel much love and support along the way.

Sending much love and light and spirit blessings to you!


Ascension, in a nutshell

For those of you on a spiritual path, which frankly, is all of us whether we know it or not, we’re going through a process of ascension from a lower frequency to a higher one. Let me try to break it down as best as I understand it.

First off, what is ‘Ascension’? 

Some of you might have heard of it called ascension or moving from 3-D to 5-D or even an activation of the Christ consciousness. All are speaking about the same thing, that we are graduating high school and moving towards master-level work, spiritually. I have been writing about this topic for a few years now as it’s been a permeating theme that touches many areas of our lives.

In a nutshell, we are evolving as spiritual beings. We are moving up the evolutionary chain from lower frequency of 3-D or third dimension and raising our frequency to what is called the 5-D or fifth dimension. Let’s pause here and dig into what I mean by frequency. Everything we think, do and feel has a frequency and energy to it. If we were to go to our happiest place on earth, then our frequency would change and vibrate at the high rate of happiness. If we were afraid or feared for our safety, then our vibration or frequency would drop to the level of fear. So by moving down the scale, we’re lowering our frequency to thicker, denser energy that can feel like we’re swimming in molasses. When we move up the scale, we increase our frequency and feel lighter and our hearts are more open to greater levels of compassion and love. (To learn more check out Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks) 

Now let’s get back to moving from 3-D to 5-D: The key is this is a two-level jump that is happening very quickly. It started in December 2012 and we’ve seen an exponential amount of growth each year since. This growth period has been like going through a birth canal as I’ve alluded to in the past. It’s been painful, old hurts and wounds are coming to the surface, the energy around us has been more intense coupled with the fact that we are more sensitive to it. It has been an uphill battle for our soul’s journey as we quickly move to clear away stuff that will no longer serve us in the 5-D world.

So I can hear you ask over your screen, “Why is this happening exactly?”.

Our Soul and Earth’s Contract

Us humans-on-earth-thing is an experiment of sorts. It was an experiment to see if dense matter can still achieve and access the higher frequencies and grow as spiritual beings. This experiment had an expiration date that started on December 21, 2012 and some say it will take until the year 2032 to wrap up (see Diana Cooper’s Archangel’s Guide to Ascension).

The Earth herself is evolving into the 5-D and if you remember the Law of Attraction principles, things that are in resonance, or matching frequency will be attracted to each other, while those that are not in a compatible frequency will repel each other. So, if your soul decides to stay at 3-D or you find that 5-D just isn’t for you, your soul will make a graceful exit prior to the final expiration date.

We are witnessing the Earth go through a cleansing of sorts already with the tremendous amounts of natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc. Once the Earth fully evolves into her 5-D self she will only allow those souls who are compatible with her energy to reincarnate back here. Those that are no longer compatible will incarnate on another plane of existence or maybe on another planet. Now the key here is to not let fear play a role in this process as it will only lower your energy. Instead, see this as a beautiful butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon, it sheds it’s old shell in order to step into the new.

The other key to remember here is that there is no judgment of who or what stays and what goes. We are all on our own evolutionary path, it’s not right or wrong, it just is. If you were born and are here alive to read this than chances are you signed up for this journey into the 5-D experience. Enjoy it!

What does moving into 5-D look like?

Physical symptoms can occur such as dietary changes like avoiding low energy substances, i.e., dairy, meat, gluten, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, overly manufactured or processed foods. Other physical symptoms can include headaches, nausea, lower back pain, lethargy, tingling in your head, warmth in your heart, irregular sleep patterns and/or ringing in the ears. Some people also report high anxiety to the point of debilitating panic attacks. If this is happening to you than know that deep multi-level soul healing is taking place. We have to heal the old, lower frequency energy before we can step into the new. Out with the old, in with the new.

And since we can’t take it with us, things like old traumas, dramas, issues tied to our past, including all our past lives and karma will need to be healed and release prior to the 5-D integration. Fears connected to the lower chakras such as safety, security will become a thing of the past. But we still have to go through the process of healing the traumas so that we can fully appreciate the lessons and incorporate them into a more enlightened state of being. So pull up your big  girl or boy pants because there is still some heavy lifting to do!

A deeper connection to self, the Earth, the Divine and all living creatures will root itself into the very fiber of our being. We will have more empathy and compassion towards all living things and we’ll gain a greater sense of connectedness to all that surrounds us. The illusion of being separate will fall away and we’ll see that we’re all the connected to each other and to the Source of all that is.

All of us will fully come into our psychic gifts whether that be clairvoyance, clairaudio, clairsentience, claircognizance or a combination of all four. We will be able to see, sense and feel beyond what we ever have before. Language will have new meaning as we will be able to communicate more on a telepathic level than on a physical level. You might even be able to talk to animals! How cool would that be? Some of you might have already experienced a massive awakening of your third eye chakra in the last few years. Think back on how your life was prior to December 2012 and look at it now. Pretty significant shifts, correct? So our time moving forward into 2032 will have greater, exponential rates of change.

We will start to notice more serendipitous moments. Things will just magically come into our lives to help us on our path. We will meet people and be provided with opportunities to fulfill our soul’s purpose. We will be able to manifest almost instantly. We will think or feel something and it will appear a few moments later. We will step into and become the full creator of our experience.

We will be drawn to more spiritual topics and feel the need to connect with nature, ascended masters, angels and the divine. You will start to meditate more deeply and more often than you have before. You will find it easier to connect to the higher planes and will start to receive direct guidance, information and messages from your spirit team. This is an exciting time of awakening and knowing.

Your ego will become healed and will have less of that fear-grip on you that it’s had in the past. The ego is important and we thank it for it’s help in keeping us safe. But it too will need to evolve into the 5-D in order for it to be compatible.

You will also discover that there are certain people and/or environments that are no longer compatible with you. As you grow and ascend, you will be attracted to others that are vibrating on the same level. Those that wish to stay where they’re at might drift out of your life. Be prepared to say hello to new and exciting friends and goodbye to those who are no longer serving your highest good.

New tools to help us with this transition

As we move into this new reality we’re being given new tools to help us ascend easier and more gracefully.

Sound healing whether through Tibetan bowls, chanting, toning, music, light language or some other method has seen a resurgence in recent years. Sound cuts through our ego and gets right down to the core of who we are. Sound frequencies can help us stay at peace and act as a bridge to help us connect to higher frequencies of our divine selves. So if you are drawn to sound healing modalities keep with it! It will open up new avenues for you to explore.

Infinite Heart is a new modality that came to me recently over the last few years. It’s a combination of light language and Christ consciousness heart awakening. It uses sound and light frequencies to activate our dormant DNA, access greater capacities for love and compassion and allows us to realign and reconnect with our higher divine selves or soul.

The new age or transpersonal chakra system is being fully awakened and activated. We have higher vibrating chakras that are coming online so-to-speak that will help us attain and maintain these higher frequencies that we’re stepping into. They help us connect more deeply with Mother Earth, reconnect our power with that of the Divine, access our higher knowledge from past lifetimes and open up to the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

Each one of us will be guided on what is best for us. If you feel drawn to take a class, read a book or sit and meditate, please honor those feelings. This is a time to be introspective as we become more and more aware of the world around us and our role in it.

Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Be there for yourself and embrace the amazing, beautiful being that you are and have always been.

Sending you much love and light,



Embracing the Shadow

I just returned from Debbie Ford’s The Shadow Process Workshop and man, am I whooped! This 2.5 day intensive uncovers the shadow, or those parts of ourselves that we’ve disowned either because we think they’re bad or we find them shameful. The idea behind shadow work is that if you uncover and embrace all aspects of yourself, without judgment, you become more whole. When we deny parts of ourselves they can come up in unexpected and unpredictable ways.

Take for example the numerous sex scandals by those that are of higher moral standards such as religious leaders and clergy. Those that are of a higher moral authority are often the ones caught in sexual abuse or sexual misconduct. Because they’ve denied parts of themselves it erupts in a destructive manner.

It’s when we are out of balance of our shadow that it begins to control our life. What we resist persists. If we learn to honor it, find the gifts within it and embrace it we become less triggered when we see it in others. Think about the things in your life that upset you, what is it about those things that gets your blood boiling? Is that some part of yourself that you have denied? Is that some part of yourself that you are ashamed of? Can you find the gifts in those qualities? If not in those specifics, can you find the gifts in their opposite? For instance, if being lazy is a trigger for you, what’s the gift of being lazy? One could say finding time for yourself, relaxation, recharging your battery, maintaining a healthy work-life balance. When you shift your perspective and are able to see the gift in a once-denied trait you can embrace it without judgment or shame.

Let’s take a harder example. How can we find any way to embrace racism? It’s hard to find the benefit of being a racist so what’s it’s opposite? By not being a racist, one can become more accepting, tolerant and open to others of a different background then their own. If it weren’t for racism maybe we’d be less aware of other people’s struggles and challenges.

So here’s some tips on how to begin to uncover, understand and embrace your shadow:

Step 1: What triggers you?

What really gets under your skin? What can you not stand in other people? What is a trait or personality that you just can’t deal with? Notice if this is something that started in childhood. Were you told at an early age that this was wrong, bad or otherwise unacceptable? Really list out all the negative traits associated with what triggers you. If you need help, ask yourself, what kind of person would do that?

Step 2: Own it

Take those negative traits and repeat the phrase, “I am x” or “I am that” while looking at yourself in the mirror. Really let the words resonate within you. It will be hard to even say the words out loud at first. Trust the process, let it unfold before you.

Step 3: Find the gifts

Now take a look at your list and see if you can find the benefits for those traits. If you struggle with that, then find the gifts in their opposite. Now really breathe in those gifts, let go of judgment, shame and guilt. Know that by embracing these so called negative traits within yourself you are fully able to step into who you really are. You will gain more tools in your toolbox with which to manifest all that you desire. And once you are able to embrace these traits you will be less triggered when you see them in others.

One of the key tenants of the shadow work states that we must stop trying to fix an unwanted part of ourselves and instead, accept and love it.

If you would like to learn more about the shadow I would highly recommend Debbie Ford’s Dark Side of the Light Chasers book. It is the quintessential guide to the shadow with practical examples and exercises to help uncover those parts of yourself that you may have been denying.

My wish for you is that you fully embrace your beautiful, radiant, divine light. For it is only through the darkness that we see the light.

Sending love to those parts of you that are hiding in the dark,


P.S. After I wrote the above article, I hosted a Reiki Healing Night where we discussed the Shadow in more detail, including a Shadow meditation. Enjoy!


The Confusion of Going Gray

No, I don’t mean that you become mentally confused when you get older. That’s a topic for a different day. Today I want to discuss the implications of going gray as a female and how society responds.

My sister and I decided to stop dyeing our hair together about two years ago. Speaking for myself, the cost, upkeep and health of my hair were the main reasons why I ditched the hair dye. One of my very wise girlfriends told me when she turned 40, “it was my birthday present to myself, to stop worrying about hiding the gray”. It struck me then that I had placed an exorbitant amount of energy towards covering up those nasty gray hairs. And being predominantly gray, if I missed my hair dye appointment, I looked like a raccoon with a bad hangover. It was no small amount of stress that kept me coloring away my grays. It wasn’t that I was fearful of looking older it was what society might think if I decided to not care anymore as some have said.

I am now 45 and have found that my decision to stop dyeing my hair has turned into an odd social experiment. And I’m in the minority. According to a 2008 study from Clairol, 75% of American women dye their hair. For the majority of women, their hair represents the most defining part of themselves. It reflects their style, their signature look and more importantly, their confidence. We place a lot of pressure on our follicles. They must perform on command! When a curl is askew it turns into a horrendously bad hair day leaving us feeling less than our awesome selves especially when face to face with others. If every hair is in place then we feel like we can conquer the world, no mountain is insurmountable with a perfect head of hair! Hmph.

Back to the social experiment.

I find that men and women react to my choice in not dyeing my hair very differently. First, the men. They are surprised to find that a woman with gray hair can still be sexy. (This is a weird thing for me as I’ve never considered myself to be outwardly sexy or overtly sexual.) It’s like they are surprised to find that their libido doesn’t shrivel up and fall off if they look amorously towards a woman who is clearly past child bearing age. I get everything from, “Wow, I really like your gray,” to “I think it looks really good on you”, to the then, not so pleasant, “you should really dye your hair” and the dreaded, “you look like my mom”; the latter from a man six years my junior. Nice. I find it odd that I get so many comments from men about my gray, more so than I ever got when I dyed my hair. It’s like they have to comment to give me their permission that what I’m doing is acceptable to the male gender and the human race at large! Thank you. I was aiming for that. NOT!

Now for the women. I find their reactions fall into two camps. One camp are the women that look at me longingly as if to say through their eyes, “oh, if only I too could stop dyeing my hair!” I’ve had women offer up numerous, unsolicited excuses for not ditching the dye, as if I’m judging them for continuing to dye, “as soon a I’m retired I will stop dyeing my hair,” or “I would stop dyeing my hair but I’ll look too old”, or some such shenanigans. To all the women out there. I love you. I don’t care what you do to your hair. My decision was just that, mine. I wish you the courage and strength to make whatever decision you want that feels right for you, regardless of how others will perceive you.

Then there’s the other camp. The camp that lurks in the darker corners and comes out only to feed on the weak when they are in need of blood. From this faction I hear  whispers of comments like, “she just doesn’t care about herself anymore,” or similarly, “it’s like she’s given up trying to look good.” And a few that are desperately trying to curb my wayward ways encourage me with “why don’t you dye it blue or purple or something cool like that?” And if you think I’m exaggerating, talk to your silver haired female friends. I’m sure they’ll fill your ears with stories that will make your mouth gape  aghast.

So then the sociologist in me kicks in and asks, why does my gray hair trigger so many visceral reactions in others? Luckily, I’m secure enough in myself and love myself enough to not take these comments personally. Well, except for the “look like my mom” bit, that one stung. But for the most part, I just collect data in my head as I observe people’s utter amazement at seeing a gray haired female in her forties. In collecting the data and processing it for myself, here’s what I learned:

  1. People’s reaction is a direct reflection of themselves: This is true no matter what subject we’re talking about. Gray hair, baseball, politics, diet, clothes, sugar, religion, race, gender, you name it! Whatever you express whether positive, negative or neutral is directly how you feel about yourself or rather, a deep-rooted fear that you have about yourself. “Well if I stopped dyeing my hair, then it’d be like I stopped caring about myself.” “If I let the gray out I won’t be taken seriously at work”. Yes, you might be discriminated against. Yes, you might not be asked out on as many dates (the jury’s still out on that one), yes, you might look at yourself and hate the older face looking back at you.  Are you really going to tell me that you’re life’s happiness or feeling of purpose or direction is dictated by the color of your hair? What kind of sense does that make? Especially when you won’t even see your hair often unless you stare in a mirror all day long.
  2. My personal choices are not here to please others: This is the punk rocker in me. I rarely have cared what others have thought of me and I’m sure as heck not going to start as I stare 50 in the face. No sir. It’s very liberating to be free of other’s opinions. And I know, I’m able to be freer because I’m no longer in the corporate world. I get it, trust me, I get it. I remember being turned down for a much deserved promotion because I didn’t look “professional enough”. I know society is still hellbent on outer appearances. But here’s the key, why should you let it affect you? And if they do discriminate, call them out on it, that’s the only way we can affect change.
  3. Dudes don’t get the same scrutiny: I know this isn’t news. And I know that you know that women are more heavily scrutinized by their outward appearance than men. We all know this. Then why is it still OK? I can’t imagine some of the things said to me being said to a male counterpart. Even the positive compliments, “I like your gray hair, it looks good on you.” I don’t think it even occurs to men or women to look at a gray haired man and say this. Why not? Is it because we value men for something other than their hair color? That their hair color does not define them or tell us about who they are and how much they care or don’t care about themselves? Nonsense. Here’s my advice to both of the sexes, if you wouldn’t say it to a man, you probably shouldn’t say it to a woman and vice versa.

So there you have it. My exploration into the social constructs of being a gray haired female. I would love to hear your stories! Share them in the comments below.

And as always, be gentle with yourself and others. And remember to think before you speak!

Many blessings to you!